SB Tickets

SB Tickets development by Nexosys Technologies

Historically known for developing equipment found in every electrical engineering shop in the world, Tektronix found themselves struggling to deliver the same level of excellence in user-interface as their advanced hardware products. They needed to transform product development from engineering-centric to customer driven.

The team at Eureka jumped right into the deep end. By applying their low-level knowledge of hardware, they began to understand Tektronix’ highly specialized industry, and solved the most complex portion of the user interface first. By alleviating a primary pain point of the Tektronix developers, Eureka demonstrated the detail-oriented practices necessary to build a world-class user interface.

To thoroughly ensure the success of the design, Eureka brought several of the Tektronix engineers on-site to work closely together and transfer development knowledge organically. By mentoring the team, Eureka worked as a true partner of Tektronix.


  •   Microsoft .Net,
  •   C#
  •   Win32
  •   Visual Studio
  •   Hardware Bus Protocol
  •   Logic Analyzers


  •   Mentoring
  •   Design
  •   Architecture
  •   Custom software development

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