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Nexosys Technologies

We’re insightful, creative, and passionate. Clients come to us because we have a track record of aligning brands with the appropriate personalities, audiences, messages and distribution channels whether it’s opportunistic or the opportunity to plan.

Talent Resources Malibu House is where the hottest summer beach parties are hosted. Every summer TR takes over Malibu to gather in a unique way celebrity and brands.

Like a gifting lounge, TR has created an entire gifting house. While talents come to relax and celebrate, TR displays/stages the brands and their products to benefit a maximal exposure without settling for a long-term engagement.

Celebrities fully and freely enjoy the products or activities provided by the brands, and the brands benefit of the popularity of talents to gain exposure. It’s a confortable, discreet and natural promotion experience for both parties


  •   Php
  •   My Sql
  •   Javascript
  •   HTML 5
  •   CSS
  •   jQuery


  •   Celebrity Appearances
  •   Fashion Week
  •   Super Bowl
  •   Dove Hair Salon

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